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B&B Casa Moni 

The B&B Casa Moni has been designed to offer its guests the possibility to rest in the quiet of nature and let themselves be enchanted by the sounds that surround it in order to find inner calm and let their mind rest. You have at your disposal spacious rooms, each with its own bathroom (WC and shower). Each room has access to the terrace, where you can relax reading a good book or sunbathing pampered by the sound of the river flowing by the house.



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Nestled in the nature of high mountains (1506m above sea level) it is beautiful to observe the changing seasons. In spring, when the snow melts, the meadows are covered with beautiful and rare flowers, and hiking becomes a marvel. The summer invites you to go for walks in the mountains around Bosco Gurin, which can be reached by a chairlift that takes you up to 2000m above sea level, from where you can choose paths suitable for different levels of ability. In autumn, the yellow and orange dyeing of the larch trees that lose their needles turns the landscape into a colorful spectacle. The winter with the arrival of snow offers snowshoeing or breathtaking descents on the ski slopes. Come and visit us!


Casa Moni is a place of well-being and relaxation dedicated to inner regeneration. It offers the possibility to rebalance yourself with the rhythm of nature and your spirit. 

Throughout the year, in our Loft, we offers courses and seminars to improve self-knowledge and inner development, as well as daily meditation sessions.


You can book for:


  • Spiritual Care to support any therapy or convalescence, with Shamanic Drums and Tibetan Bowls. 


  • Reading of the Aura through the Aurograph, with interpretation.

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